Monday, 9 February 2015

Valentine's Nail Pack

Hey Everyone!
Unlike last weeks post, this weeks nail design is very much in the spirit of Valentine's for all you hopeless romantics. I opted for a classic pink, red and white colour scheme with the statement piece being a loveheart. Since this is a Valentine's Nail Pack over each nail I did a different design, so feel free to use them in your own creations or just pick one for a statement nail!
Left To Right: Heartbeat; Loveheart Leopard; Crackle Heart; Lovestruck Minion; Glittered Pink
In order to create the design on my thumb I opted for a baby pink shade polish to go with the red base. Using a toothpick you will then simply draw a zigzag pattern towards the centre of your nail and then in the middle draw the top half of the heart.
For the Loveheart Leopard, you will simply have to draw a couple of hearts in a lighter colour to the base coat and then outline them with black lines. This gives the hearts the leopard appearance, the more hand-drawn and doodle-like they look, the better!
The middle finger was inspired by a popular trend that was in the nail world not so long ago, crackle nails! To achieve this simply paint your nails with a white base, add a heart and then apply a crackle polish over top. In order to ensure the heart shape is clear I faintly outline the heart over top the crackle with the same polish used for the underlying heart.
On the ring finger I did a Lovestruck Minion. One of my favourite nail designs previously was my Christmas Minions and so I thought, why not give it a Valentine's twist? Simply draw a black line across the top of your nail, add a white circle for the eye. Outline in a grey and then add a small black dot to the center of the white circle to form the eye. Then, paint a darker pink square towards the bottom of the nail with two curved lines outwards for the dungaree straps. Finish off with a heart in the centre of the dungarees matching the base colour chosen for the Minion!
For the final nail simply paint the nail in a hot pink and add a glitter polish over top! The reason behind my choice of design on my little finger was stemmed from the glitter polish I used over top which I will talk about more later.
Left To Right: Glittered Red; Lovestruck Minion; Loved-Up Couple; Love Letter; Crackled Pink
Similarly to the Glittered Pink, the Glittered Red stemmed from the glitter polish I chose to use over top since the appearance of the polish in the bottle intrigued me.
For the Loved-Up Couple design on the middle finger simply paint a plain base colour. Then, draw a heart in the centre of your nail in order to show where your couple will be place. On either side of the heart draw your Loved-Up Couple as stick people!
The Love Letter design would be great for a statement nail since it is a subtle nod of the head to a Valentine's design, however, it isn't anything too eccentric if you prefer to keep your nails simple and clean. Plus, you can't go wrong with a class red polish. To create this design draw two black lines at a diagonal. Then, in a lighter colour draw the heart where the lines meet.
Above are the polishes I used to create the designs but feel free to switch out the colours to whatever fits your taste. The two glitter polishes I stated would be mentioned later and so I am going to talk about those now. They are from the The Nail Boutique Colour Workshop set I received for Christmas. The set I have mentioned previously in posts 1, 2, 3, 4, so I thought it best to show the set these polishes are from as picture below. 
The glitter polishes appealed to me because I was intrigued about how opaque the glitters are and how they transfer onto the nail. The pink glitter is pieces of pink glitter with chunkier bits of silver which add a unique effect. When applying it was easier to transfer the pink glitters so I placed the silver chunks onto the nail by dabbing the brush gently onto the nail for the silver to transfer onto the nail. 
The red glitter is simple plain red glitters, the pink and red glitters are fairly small so cover the nail generously.
I haven't had the best of look as far as Top Coats go, possibly because I am not prepared to splurge on one just yet. However, I am impressed with the Top Coat that came within this set. In my last post I mentioned how it seemed to drag the colour but was aware of the fact I hadn't left a decent amount of time for the polish to dry properly. Especially since with nail designs a number of layers of polish are included. However, with this design the dragging of colour was not an issue as I gave the polishes longer to dry. Also, the lasting time of the the polishes was very impressive, they didn't chip easily at all which is usually the case. I would say they last a good four-five days with only minor chipping.
I am very impressed with the quality of the polishes involved in this set so far, there is a great variety of colours and finishes as well as the fact the set supplies you with all the tools you need for a perfect manicure!
What are your nails like for the Valentine's Holiday? Will you be tempted to try out this set?

Monday, 2 February 2015

Love Notes

Hey Everyone!
This weeks nail design is perfect for anyone who isn't totally lovey dovey but just wants to add a little romance to their look. I thought I would do an early nail art for Valentine's Day to give anyone any ideas on a design to go for, for the holiday. I am aware this is a somewhat "controversial" holiday but it gives me an excuse to come up with a new nail art design that's cute and girly.
 Left To Right: I ♥ U, Love Notes & Crosses, LVE, Loveheart, Love Border
My aim for this design was to keep it very doodle-like as the blue striped background imitates the appearance of a notebook with the Valentine oriented doodles over-top. For the ring finger, I added a pale pink colour to the inside of the heart, it turned out  the polish was not very opaque but it was a subtle change to add to the nail to make it more of a statement nail. As usual I created the following design by using a tooth pick and old striper brush dipped into a blue polish to create the notebook lines.
The pink, clear and white polish picture above are from The Colour Workshop set I received for Christmas. Several polishes from this set have been featured in my blog posts since Christmas and thus far I am very impressed by the quality. The three colours are actually recommended to be used for a French manicure. Which is understandable due to the fact the pink is fairly translucent since it would be the base colour for the nail. 
I always seem to have difficulty finding a good quality white nail polish and although this one isn't the best, its better than many I have tried. A couple of coats and the polish is a good quality of opacity. 
Thus far the clear polish is holding up very well, for last weeks nails the London Girl clear polish chipped upon the first day of wearing which was disappointing. So, its safe to say I'm impressed this far. However, when I was applying it the clear coat seemed to drag the underlying polish slightly, but that may have been my fault since I didn't wait long enough to allow the design to fully dry.
As for the black polish it is from a set featured in this post, and the blue is from a set by Emily The Strange. The blue is such a pretty colour and isn't as pigmented as it actually is for the nail design because I wanted it to be slightly paler so only applied a little to the striper brush to reduce the opacity. 
This weeks design has inspired my ideas for the Valentine's Day compilation that I will be doing next week so be sure to look out for the next Monday!
What do you think of this weeks nail design? Do you celebrate Valentine's Day as a holiday?

Monday, 26 January 2015

Little Mermaid Inspired

Hey Everyone!
As you can tell by the title of this post, this weeks nails are mermaid inspired, based around the class Disney film of A Little Mermaid. I've been contemplating this idea for a while, but then when I received the polishes picture below I decided they were ideal for this design!
Aren't they beautiful? Barry M Nail Paints are always a yes from me, they're ever so pigmented and opaque. Plus, with such a range of colours there's no room to complain. The polish on the far right is from The Colour Collection, it is a mix of dark blue and purple glitters. I applied both of the glitter polishes over the centre polish and they both make beautiful combinations.
It took two coats of the centre polish earlier to become opaque but since the glitter would be applied over top two of my fingers, I decided to just go with one coat and it looked just as good. As you can see on the ring finger I applied the centre polish and used a W7 Teal polish to add the scales over top. As well as on the tip of my middle finger and repeated the technique.
The polishes pictured above were applied upon the remaining nails to add the Ariel facial details and the body design on the middle finger. 
I am in love with this design, but I will probably regret the amount of glitter I used due to it being a nightmare to remove! However, considering how pretty the colours are, I'm willing to pay the price.

*Edit - 02/02/15* Upon removal of this nail design, although I was worried about the removal of the glitter it wasn't as strenuous as I imagined. I simply wet a paper towel with nail polish remove and wrapped it round my nail to soak the glitters a little. This loosened the glitters nicely and made them fairly easy to remove. Although, the glitters did remove onto my skin so I had to wash my hands to remove the remaining glitters before continuing my manicure.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Marble Muddle

Hey Everyone!
For this weeks nails I decided to try something new. Marble nails always look so pretty whenever I see them online whilst looking for nail inspiration and so decided to give them ago. It was a little difficult for me to get the correct technique down but I think my nails turned out pretty well for a first time.
In the photo above the polish is showing up quite pink but in real life it is much more red. Originally I was going for a red, yellow and orange style but the yellow wasn't opaque enough. I then tried white in the yellows place but had the same problem again so decided to stick with just the two colours, red and orange.
Apologies for the slightly poor quality of the photo above, the orange is a lot less red and a much more vibrant orange than in the picture. Ever so opaque too, which leave Nails Inc as one of my favourite nail polish designs. As for the red nail polish it is from The Colour Collection, the polish is part of a big set I received from Christmas, a polish that is always fairly opaque upon application.
I'm definitely going to try marble nails out again because I love how they turn out since they look so unique!

Monday, 12 January 2015

Farmland Creations

Hey Everyone!
If you saw my previous post you will be aware of the new nail polishes I received at Christmas, which is what inspired this weeks nail design.
My brother surprised me with these two adorable duck nail polishes, aren't they adorable? Even if the duck head does make the application a little difficult, they're still cute. In order to incorporate the two nail polishes I only used a few basic colours on the side:
In order to create the following design:
Keeping with the cute theme and and with Spring on the horizon - or maybe not due to the recent reports of a storm here in the UK - and so new life, as well as upbringing on a farm, I came up with the following design.
As you can see using a tooth pick and split bobby pin for the eyes I drew out a cow and sheep head onto my nail with the blue used for the background. You can see a snippet of green beside the sheep because at first I painted the tips in the same way as my thumb nail before adding the animal detail.
I mentioned previously the slight difficulty in the application of the due to the same of the lid, however, the actual polish seemed to apply fairly well, in both colours. It seemed the green was slightly less pigmented on the first coat but after two coats in both colours they were acceptably opaque.
On the nails which I painted green, I used the lime 'Neon Nails' polish picture above, this polish isn't opaque at all and applies best for the true colour, over a white base. However, I applied it this time over the darker green colour of the duck polish and scratched the polish back with a tooth pick to reveal the darker green underneath. In my opinion this gave the nails a grass-like effect.
For the tip of my thumb, I used a similar technique by applying a white polish to the very tip and scraping through it with a tooth pick before applying the lime coloured polish over top. Again mimicking the appearance of grass.
As the first nail design of the new year I am very happy with this design and look forward to more creations to come this year!

Monday, 5 January 2015

New Years Sparkle

Hey Everyone&Happy New Year!
As the Christmas festivities draw to a close and we reign in the new year it was obvious I had to do so with a nail design. On Christmas day it was no surprised I received a number of nail polish sets that I was more than happy about.
Therefore, the following nail design is based around one of the sets I received from my sister that I was intrigued to try out first.
Especially due to the glitter involved because if you can't get away with glitter nail polish at New Years, when can you?
On the back were the obvious ingredients as well as instructions instructions for use of the products, which is helpful for anyone who is new to nail art and wants to give something easier a try.
Included in the set were the obvious polishes, pictured above only three because those are the ones I opted to use in the nail design. As well as a paint brush to dab the loose glitter onto the nail and a mixing tray, which was simply the plastic of the inner separator.
I was particularly impressed by the quality of the products since upon reading the back I gathered were they were from and since the set wasn't from a brand name I had low expectations. However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the black nail polish. I had just run out of my black nail polish so it came at perfect timing. That and this polish was incredibly opaque so I only needed to apply one coat. Also, in my opinion the loose glitter was pretty easy to use too. I simply poured a very little amount into the mixing tray before dabbing it onto the end of my ring finger nail in an ombre effect. I only poured a little out because a little went a long way, another plus.
The polish had a beautifully glossy finish too and I used the top coat within the set to apply over the finished design. The nail polish design lasted really well with only minor chipping after around four days, which is in contrast to the usual three days, or even with some polishes the day after they've been applied! 
Overall, I was very impressed with the following set and look forward to using it in the future. If you have tried this set or intend to in the future, be sure to let me know what you think!

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Frozen Inspired

Hey Everyone!
Since I haven't been hundred percent since Sunday, it caused a delay on this weeks nail design and thus a delay on this weeks post.
As you can tell from the title this weeks design was a Frozen Inspired one!
Originally I planned to incorporate all of the characters into the nail design, but after attempting and unfortunately, failing, I decided to stick with just Olaf and give the remainder of the nails a frosted texture.
I applied a white base coat and then sponge dabbed a blue polish over top to give the snowy/frosty appearance before adding detail in white nail polish.
Even though, this design wasn't my original idea and was a second resort, I am satisfied with the way it turned out. In fact, I am particularly fond of the final design.