Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Purple Geometric Nails

Hey Everyone!
Today's design was actually inspired by one of my favourite Youtubers, Shaanxo, when she posted the following picture on her Instagram after getting her nails done at Doll House Nails & Beauty:
A photo posted by Shannon 🐼 #shaaanxo (@shaaanxo) on
I love everything about this design, the geometric shapes, the colour scheme as well as the added glitter! I opted for a different colour scheme for my nails though, a shimmery dark purple, a paler créme purple and then silver sparkles:
As you can see my design is slightly different from Shannon's because all my nails feature a geometric pattern, rather than just two accent nails. I created this design using a striper polish with a white base for the paler purple and silver to ensure the colour pay off was to the highest opacity. This design was actually fairly quick to do and easy, all that you really need is a steady hand to make sure the lines are nice and straight. Aside from that, it isn't too difficult.

The dark polish I used is from a set I have by The Colour Workshop and try as I might to find it online, I just can't! For this reason, I found a few polishes that look visually similar online since it is a very pretty colour:
You may recognise the pale purple polish, Bubblegum, from my recent Pastel Drip Nails and Technic Pretty Pastels Polish Review and if you've seen those posts you'll know this was one of my favourites from the collection. 
Also, the Mosaic Effects Avon Top Coat is from my Chain Manicure nails, another polish I am very fond of.
I love this design because the colour combinations are literally endless, any colours your pair together in a geometric design would work so well. Making this design easier without limitation. 
What do you think of geometric nails? 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Pastel Drip Nails

Hey Everyone!
It's safe to say I kept the suspense going for this design since my last post, didn't I? I hinted at an upcoming design in my previous Technic Pretty Pastel Polishes post, that's quite a tongue twister. I expected to get this post up on Thursday as usual but life got in the way. Also, I was feeling slightly overwhelmed when it came to blogging and thought it would be best to take a step back and to come back feeling refreshed!
For this design I have dripped the pastel polishes over a matte black base, the pastel polishes themselves are glossy and so the difference in finish on the nail contrasted nicely. I used a white base to draw out the drips of the polishes before going over with the pastel polishes and blending each colour in the middle. As I stated in my review, I found the opacity of these polishes disappointing and so a white base is essential to ensure these polishes are used to the best of their ability.
If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for anything rainbow and a pastel toned rainbow may just be even prettier!
Above are the Technic Pretty Pastel polishes I used to complete this design, as well as a black matte base by Pretty which I gave a mini review of in my Chain Manicure post if you'd be interested. If you read that post you'd know this isn't the best matte polish, however, I have found that the lifespan of the polish is increased by applying something glossy to the tip of the nail to help seal in the polish.
Due to the colours being very pale, the picture of the polishes together is somewhat of a deception as they're much paler in person. For this reason, especially with Mr Blue Sky, the drips can seem off-white on first glance before the colour is noticed.
Overall, I was happy with the way this turned out and since the colours work so beautifully together I thought this was a great way to prove that.
Do you have any pastel polishes in your collection?

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Technic Pretty Pastel Polishes Review

Hey Everyone!
Recently I came across this collection of polishes at Tesco, I was actually in the bargain aisle so they were only £1 each! Since my collection was lacking in pastel shades, I thought I might as well give them a go. Especially for the price! Although on Amazon they retail for £2.50, likewise on Xtras.co.uk whereas on eBay they are £2.98 with free postage. This is not the full collection of pastels from Technic but these were the only ones that were available at the time of purchase.
As you can see the collection comes with a coral toned pink called Candyfloss, a yellow called Canary, a pale green shade that's close to a mint called Pool Party, an almost white blue tone called Mr Blue Sky and a pale purple in Bubblegum
Due to the lighter colouring of the Canary, Pool Party and Mr Blue Sky the opacity is very, very weak. They can buildable if you use thin coats but I find layering them over a white polish allows a better colour pay off. They are also quite watery so the polish tends to drip from the brush easily. Also when you're applying the polish you can't really go back and touch up a bald spot because it tends to drag the polish from your nail.

Candyfloss and Bubblegum have a much better opacity though and they work fine without a white base, if not better. 
For the swatches below I used all the polishes with a white base, except from Candyfloss. This is because I found the polish to become slightly streaky over the white base. Whereas on its own, it applies far better with full coverage after just two coats. I used two coats of my white base and then one coat for the Technic polishes over top.
I am very fond of these polishes and the colours compliment each other very well, my favourite is Bubblegum because I don't have anything like it in my collection. 
Be sure to keep your eyes out for Thursdays post where I will be incorporating each of these polishes into a nail design!
Are you a fan of pastel shades? Do you own any Technic polishes?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Green + White Leopard Nails

Hey Everyone!
Today's nails are something bright but still a classic design, white leopard print! Initially I began this design using a lilac polish on the ring finger to create a floral design but I decided otherwise and opted for a leopard print design. Its been a while since I've done a design like this so I thought, why not! I based the design of choice around the base colour because I knew I wanted to use this gorgeous shimmery green colour.
The leopard design is fairly easy to create and in my opinion, the more hand-drawn and imperfect it looks, the better. I as usual used a tooth pick and white polish to do this design. I decided to do a leopard print border on the thumb and ring finger for a little twist. 
I chose a green colour because its been a while since I posted a nail design with this colour, I've been going for more pinks and blues recently. Plus, I had a look through my collection and this polish has been a favourite of mine for a while. I have a soft spot for green shades of polish.
As you can see the green polish is from a brand called Rebel in number 14, I looked at the back of the bottle and it stated it was from Wilkinsons. However, I did receive this polish a while ago and I looked on the website and couldn't find it. I found a picture on Pinterest of the "book" the polish came in, here, although mine had more pink colour polishes rather than the yellow and white pictured.
So I went on a hunt and found a few visually similar polishes:
I'd just like to say a big thank you for all the support I've been receiving on my blog recently, this is something I really enjoy and the supportive atmosphere in the community makes the experience even better!
Do any of you have a colour of polish you favour? What do you think of Leopard nails?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Graduation Nails

Hey Everyone!
Last Thursday was my sister's Graduation and so obviously I had to do a nail design that marked the occasion, which is how I came up with this nail art! I wanted something that would go with the white dress I was wearing too, so the design was still something presentable and wearable without clashing too much. Which is why I opted for a white base, because you can't go wrong with white nails!
For this design I obviously had to incorporate the Graduation hat and scroll which I drew with nail polish and a tooth pick. I added a blue bow to the scroll which complimented the blue and yellow polka dots. I opted to split the drawings with polka dots because I was unsure of what else to draw, plus the dots were in the colours of my sister's university, so it worked well!
To create this design I used polishes you'll have probably seen in countless previous posts, especially the black and white because they're so universal. I bought the blue and yellow in a Neon Nails set from B&M a year or so a go. I don't think they sell the same collection any more, they still do a Neon Nails set but with different colours. They're not totally neon, just bright colours and different shades to the set that I got. The formula can be quite thick if they haven't been used for a while, and the opacity needs building. Around three coats is needed for full opacity when the colours are used on their own. Using them over a white base makes all the difference because it brings out the colours instantly. The set costs £2.99 from B&M stores.
What do you think of this design? Have you been to any Graduations recently?